Soyabean Meal – India’s Leading Agricultural Product

In the market of Indian economy and agriculture, soyabean meal holds an essential position. Comparing India with other leading soyabean producing nations, it occupies a vital position by producing approximately 7 million tons of soyabean this year, which ultimately positioned India at number five in the list. On the other hand, India is named as the number 6th leading country in the world as far as maximum soyabean consumption is concerned. Huge production and incredible overseas demand of soyabean meal make India one of the prime exporters of soyabean meal. Moreover, it has resulted oil meal exports in India by around 116%.

There are numerous companies in India that export soyabean meal to other countries. One of the forerunners amongst them is K. S. Commodities. The company has majored itself in exporting high quality soyabean meal to many countries from the past several years. The professionals that work here are industry trained and have many years of experience. This makes them understand the industry trends and norms. Moreover, the export company has big warehousing facilities at several ports for timely shipments.

The production of soyabean meal in India has been fluctuating over the past few years – ranging 5.1 – 7.1 million tons. Not only the production, but also the consumption and export have been fluctuating. Consumption and export range 1 -2.7 million tons and 3.1 – 5.2 million tons respectively. Amongst all Indian states Madhya Pradesh produces the highest soyabean meal. Other major centers are Kota, Nagpur, Indore, Akola, Mandsaur, Latur and Sagar.

According to the latest report, it has been noticed that India is able to manage a higher export in soyabean meal in the months of June and August. In other words, this year has seen India improving in the field of soyabean meal export. India has exported 1.839 lakh tons in August, 2013, which was a very good amount compared to last previous year during the same period of time. From April 2013 to August 2013, there has been incredible export of 7.023 lakh tons. Global soyabean meal production and consumption has been increased remarkably from the last decade.

Factors that Influence Soyabean Meal Trading:
Here are some of the main factors that do a lot with soyabean meal trading – livestock numbers, export demand of soyabean meal, demand for protein, value of dollar, the economic status of the world, variable biodiesel production and trans fat labeling requirements.