Maize Export – India’s New Wonder Crop

While India has achieved a unique position in the global economy for its huge production of agricultural products and their exports, it has now trying its hands at the production and export of maize. Maize or corn as it is

India Sees Boost in Sugar Export from Rupee Fall

Among st various agricultural products, sugar occupies an important place. Every year, 1000 of tonnes of sugar are being produced and exported to many countries in the world. As far as sugar production is concerned, India holds the second position

Soyabean Meal – India’s Leading Agricultural Product

In the market of Indian economy and agriculture, soyabean meal holds an essential position. Comparing India with other leading soyabean producing nations, it occupies a vital position by producing approximately 7 million tons of soyabean this year, which ultimately positioned

Indian Sugar Exporters

K. S. Commodities Pvt. Ltd. is a Government recognized star export house. The Company with its headquarters in New Delhi is a leading exporter / importer of agri-products / commodities. The company has been actively trading in agri-products like sugar,