Maize Export – India’s New Wonder Crop

While India has achieved a unique position in the global economy for its huge production of agricultural products and their exports, it has now trying its hands at the production and export of maize. Maize or corn as it is otherwise known has seen whopping increase for the last few years now. It is now heading to reach higher level as maize exporters in India continues to reign the export industry of the country. According to an industry group, this year will be superb as the farmers boost planting no sooner monsoon covered the country earlier a month.>

After rice, sugar and wheat, maize is the next big thing to hit Indian farming. The crop, maize, has been incorporated in the government’s dream Rs 500 crore crop diversification scheme for several states of India, including western Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. Apart from that what strikes the most is the fantastic increase of maize export and its exceedingly production. In 2012 – 2013, for the first time India showed an enormous rise approximately five million tons. It was a record, which was 24 per cent from the previous years; thus, making the country an important player in the global corn market mostly dominated by the United States of America.

The major Indian states that cultivate and produce maximum tonnes of maize are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Besides these leading states, there are several other states that produce considerably less maize. Rabi and kharif seasons are the best time to grow maize in India. The yearly maize production in the country fluctuates between 20 – 22 million tonnes; and from that amount approximately 63 per cent to 64 per cent of maize is used as feed meal.

The president of the Indian Maize Development Association, Sain Dass, recently said in an interview in the capital that compared with 4.5 m. Tons latest year shipments may top 5 m. metric tons this year from April 1. He further added that the harvest is likely to rise about 6 per cent to twenty three million tons.

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